Yarn Advent Calendar Spoilers Day #3

Warning! Knitting Advent Calendar Spoilers!

Happy 3rd day of my Yarn Advent Calendar. It’s Friday, December 3rd 2021. This means that we’re just getting ready to start the first weekend of December. How many more until New Years? What will next year bring? I can’t believe that December is already in full swing, but here we are.

Here is my standard spoiler alert warning. Do not skip this cautionary statement. This POST CONTAINS SPOILERS. This means you, patrons of the Moonglow Yarn Advent, The Asylum Fiber Advent (purchased from The Knitting Place) or the Stitch Marker Advent Calendar from Firefly Notes. However you can feel free to skip this if you’ve already opened day #3 or if you just don’t mind the spoilers.

You have been officially warned! 🙂

I am so incredibly happy with The Asylum Fiber Advent Calendar. So happy that I could dance, if dancing were something that I could do. After a bunch of debate, I cast on the Radvent Cardigan on Day #1, after trying two other something elses and failing miserably. I am working on the sleeve and day #3 looks absolutely awesome. I will plan on showing my Radvent Cardigan soon in my WIP’s spot, but for now, take a look at the yarn that came in day 3.

Asylum Fiber’s The Knitting Place Advent Calendar

Day #3 Asylum Fiber Knitting Place Advent Calendar
Day #3 Asylum Fiber Knitting Place Advent Calendar

This yarn advent calendar looks like a fade! If it is, I will be so excited and it will look so amazing as a Radvent Cardigan. My sleeve is coming along nicely and I am actually making progress on time.

Moonglow Yarn Co

Moonglow Yarn Co's Knitting Advent Calendar Day #3
Moonglow Yarn Co’s Knitting Advent Calendar Day #3

Now this yarn advent calendar is a rainbow fade. As you can see, we’re going through all the red colors right now. The yarn is so squishy, soft and just amazing.

Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar

The idea of this advent calendar intrigued me. Stitch markers are always in high demand around the house, yet I don’t have very many of them. So getting an advent calendar dedicated to just those seemed like an excellent idea.

Take a look at the cute little owl stitch marker. I love him and I think he is amazing.

Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar Day #3
Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar Day #3

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday night!

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