Knitting Advent Calendars Spoilers Day #2

Warning! Knitting Advent Calendar Spoilers!

It’s December 2nd, can you believe it? I am a newbie to Knitting Advent Calendars in general and I am pretty excited to have my own to open this year. The advents that I have run for 24 days, starting with the 1st of December. That means that today was the second day of goodies.

Before I go any further, let me warn you. This POST CONTAINS SPOILERS. Do not look ahead if you have the Moonglow Yarn Advent, The Asylum Fiber Advent (purchased from The Knitting Place) or the Stitch Marker Advent Calendar from Firefly Notes and haven’t opened day #2 yet.

Consider yourself warned and proceed with caution :).

I’ve already ripped out the first cardigan I started with the Asylum Fiber’s Advent Calendar and went ahead and cast on the Radvent Cardigan. The reason I didn’t start this initially is because I am so short and the sleeves are so oversized. When you’re as small in stature as I am, it’s really hard fitting things, especially when they’re oversized.

However, after reading some notes on Ravelry, I decided to only do half the amount of increases for the sleeves and just make it up on the cast on for the body. See, the Radvent Cardigan is started at a cuff and worked up the sleeve, through the body. After that, another sleeve is cast on and the sides are joined.

With all of that said, take a look at the mini skein that came in day #2. Isn’t it amazing?

Asylum Fiber’s The Knitting Place Advent Calendar

Day #2 Asylum Fiber Knitting Place Advent Calendar
Day #2 Asylum Fiber Knitting Place Advent Calendar

This yarn is darker than day #2, but goes together very nicely. I am fading the colors in the Radvent Cardigan and so far my sleeve looks awesome.

I never thought that Knitting Advent Calendars could be so much fun, but I am wrong. I think it would be amazing to get a group of friends together and swap scrap yarn in the same kind of mysterious way.

Moonglow Yarn Co

Moonglow Yarn Co's Knitting Advent Calendar Day #2
Moonglow Yarn Co’s Knitting Advent Calendar Day #2

Moonglow Yarn Co’s Advent is a Rainbow Fade. It started at red and this color is a darker strawberry color. I am waiting to unbox this entire set before I start my project picked for this yarn. I am most excited for it and I think doing colorwork in pairs, working on opposite ends would be interesting.

Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar

I don’t have a lot of stitch markers. I am a pretty low key knitter. Most of the time, I use my daughter’s small rubber bands. We buy them by the thousands and who cares if you lose them? I must admit though, all of the stitch markers I’ve unboxed from the Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar has been amazing so far. Just look at how cute the little bird is?

Please try to ignore the fact the marker is still in part of it’s package. This is my attempt not to lose them before I find the perfect container to house all of them :).

Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar Day #2
Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar Day #2

I hope you guys enjoyed day #2 as much as I did and are having a great December so far. Until next time!

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