Crafting Table Toques

Crafting Table Toque, Pro-gamer. If you look closely, you can see the Creeper face on the hat.
Look closely and you’ll be able to see a Creeper Face! It’s kind of off to the side, but this is what happens when a kiddo models 🙂

Crafting Table Toques Pattern Links:

Ravelry Pattern Link by Cozy Up Knits

Lovecrafts Pattern Link by Cozy Up Knits

Yarn Used: Junkyarn Fingering Weight, Color: Tiana

About the Pattern

Three hats are in the Crafting Table Toques PDF, and all of them incorporate a Minecraft theme. My son is a big fan of Minecraft and gravitated towards the Creeper-based hat. This pattern is considered the Pro-Gamer level (hardest), but you should be fine if you are comfortable doing knits and purls.

The yarn I used was fingering weight, and I held it double. Doing this made the hat knit up very quickly, and I finished in a day or so. Without giving away too much of the pattern (because it’s a paid-for pattern), I ended up knitting the hat inside out. I knit faster than I purl, and it was easier that way. I didn’t think about decreases and reversing them, so the crown looks different from the pattern. It didn’t matter to me because I am planning on putting on a large pompom. The pom is green with streaks of blue and it’s really furry and I cannot wait for it to come in the mail.

My son already loves his hat, and I followed the ribbing length for the double brim. The length was perfect following the measurements. That has never happened. I always undershoot the brim length, so I am delighted that it came out the way it did.

About the Yarn

As for the yarn, this was my first time knitting with any yarn from Junkyarn. It knit up fabulously and holding it double made it even softer. I will use more of this yarn and will order more of it. The colors are vibrant, the shipping was fast, and the product is excellent.

Junkyarn Fingering Weight in the Tiana Colorway, meant for the Crafting Table Toques pattern.
The junkyarn skein I used for this hat, pre-knitting. I love this color and the yarn is so squishy.

As for firsts, this was also my first CozyUp Knits pattern. I had no issues following the design at all, and I found it pretty straightforward. I am about ready to cast-on, “There’s No Place Like Home” (Ravelry Link, Lovecrafts Link) for myself tonight. Fingers crossed that this pattern is just as easy to follow as this one. I am confident that it will be.

About a Related KAL

In case you are curious, CozyUp Knits has a podcast on YouTube. You can find information about it here (YouTube link). Right now, they are running a KAL called “Cozy Fall Toque Along 2021,” where you can enter any of their hat patterns that you finish. The Ravelry thread regarding this KAL is here (Ravelry Link). If you are more of an Instagram user, you should be able to look at the hashtag here. You are allowed to enter both places. I will join with my hats as soon as I pompom the Creeper one and start (and finish) the other one.  

P.S. My 6-year-old asked if she could get knitting stuff for Christmas. She decided to wants to learn how to knit. Does anyone have any good suggestions about that? I am not sure how it will go.

If you are on Instagram, please reach out. I love having Knitting friends to follow!

Kiddo smiling with his newest Creeper Hat from the Crafting Table Toque pattern.
Happy kid! And happy knitter, the brim fits him very well!
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