Junkyarn Skein Grab Bag

Yarn Acquisitions – Junkyarn Treat Yourself 3 Skein Grab Bag

Junkyarn: https://junkyarn.myshopify.com/

Junkyarn 3 Skein Grab Bag in Fingering Weight. The bottom skein is labelled as, "Untitled" and it's my favorite color of the bunch!

Today started as a chilly and unremarkable fall day. Imagine my happiness when I received my yarn order from Junkyarn earlier and opened it.

I placed this order on October 30th because the shop had advertised Halloween Promo on Instagram. I had heard of their yarn before but hadn’t been able enough to try it yet.

What did I buy?

One of the main items that caught my eye during the sale was the 3 Skein Grab bags in stock.  I love grab bags, and there is something about surprises that I have a hard time turning down. So because of that and due to the fact I was so eager to try the lovely-looking yarn, I placed an order for two grab bags in fingering weight only.

The yarn shipped out very promptly, and the shipping only took a few days. The shipping package was pretty, and included was a sucker and a 10% off coupon with thanks for supporting their business.

Let’s talk about the yarn

Junkyarn, the two pink skeins are labelled as, "Sweetpea". My daughter is going to love them for a new garment.

Now let’s talk about the yarn, which was as beautiful as I thought it would be. Inside were two light pink skeins which immediately caught my eye. They were silk, and I immediately ear-marked them for a cardigan for my daughter. She wants me to make her a new sunspots cardigan that’s longer and insists on it being this light pink.

The package also included a light green in the “Tiana” colorway. I love this light green, and I am all ready to cake it up to make a hat for my son. He also likes this color, so I know that he will appreciate the finished object.

In the second grab bag was a light blue color named after Sally Ride. This hank of yarn is a beautiful color and will look amazing either by itself or paired with another color. The bag also contained a skein of “My Best Friend is Invisible,” an orangish pink color with speckles of purple.

A favorite one?

My favorite skein in the bag is the last one, named “Untitled.” The hank has a wide assortment of colors, and they all coordinate together perfectly. This yarn will be knit into a Musselburgh in the recent future.

I was delighted with my Junkyarn Skein Grab Bag purchase, and I will purchase their yarn again. All of the yarn was squishy, and the colors were vibrant and full of life.

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