Moonglow Rainbow Yarn Advent

Moonglow Rainbow Yarn Advent

Yarn Advent (No Spoilers!)

Item: Moonglow Rainbow Yarn Advent. (Item no longer listed, but the shop can be found here:

Shop: Moonglow Yarn Co

Look at what came in the mail yesterday! I ordered the Moonglow Rainbow Yarn Advent on Etsy on September 13th after I had seen it mentioned on the Knitty Natty Video Podcast ( The specific video is here: Anyways, let’s get on to describing the package.

I obviously cannot open the yarn yet because it’s an advent calendar, so I can’t specifically speak to that. I have wanted to try their yarn forever though and I thought this advent calendar was a perfect start. However, the packaging looks fantastic. The little bags inside of the box look adorable All the pictures I’ve seen of Moonglow yarn have awed me. They dye beautiful colors. I recommend checking out their Etsy store linked above.

I love this idea for the advent because you’ll notice the word Rainbow in the title. Who doesn’t love a rainbow?

Moonglow Yarn Advent Inside Box Picture

Moonglow Rainbow Yarn Advent Inside View

For those of you who participated in yarn advent calendars before, what do you make with them? I want this yarn to become a cardigan, or maybe a cowl. I do not think I’d use a shawl as much as one of those.

This box is my first ever advent calendar involving yarn, and I’m so excited for December 1st. The price point is great for what you receive in the box, and the fiber is an 80/20 sock base. I have a million ideas about what the contents of this advent calendar will make, and they’ve been bouncing around my head since I first ordered it.

I have some time to think about what to make out of this yarn advent, as it’s only November 2nd here. I will update you after I decide what I will make.

Moonglow Yarn Advent Day #1

Moonglow Rainbow Yarn Advent Day #1 (No Spoiler)

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