Niobe Hat by Natasja Hornby

Niobe hat by Natasja Hornby ( (Ravelry Link):

Yarns Used: Rauma Finull PT2:,

Niobe Hat on my son

I originally bought this hat online as a kit from The Knitting Place in New York. I started it on a Friday and finished it on a Sunday, without working it for much of Friday and half of Saturday. The colorwork is nice, but it has some long floats, which is kind of a bummer. I’m not a big fan of twisting yarn because it really slows down the process.

I cast on for the largest size because it was for my son. Whenever I make a hat for him, I underestimate his hats and make them too small. So this time, I wanted to make it larger than usual on purpose.

The yarn that I used was very rustic. I know my children will be okay with it, but it might bother someone sensitive to itchier wool. With that said, it’s excellent for colorwork because the yarn will catch itself nicely.

I’m casting on the second of these hats next but swapping out the green yarn for pink. This hat will be the smallest size for my daughter, but I’ll have to watch the width of it. I know that the length of the cap was drastically too big for her, but the width wasn’t as oversized. I think that the kids will get the most use out of these hats during the winter months when it’s freezing out. They’re very warm, even if they aren’t the softest.

The brim on this hat is worked in the round and done in garter, which worked out terribly for me. My beginning of round marker left a nice little line down the side of the garter stitch. My plans for the next one is to knit the garter band flat and seam it up. I can probably make it look nicer and have less of a headache than purling in the round.

My one complaint about the Niobe Hat by Natasja Hornby was not really about the pattern and more about the part that I totally screwed up the crown decreases. I am hoping that I figure it out on the next go-round, but I will definitely update on that.

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