Sun Spots by Elena Nodel

Sun Spots by Elena Nodel

Sun Spots by Elena Nodel ( (Ravelry Link):

Yarns Used: Stardust Fiber Studios (Cassiopeia in color Stardust Rose Quartz):

When looking at this beautiful pink yarn, I knew I wanted to make something for my daughter. I only had a skein, so I knew that whatever I made had to be built in a way that allowed this. So I definitely opted out for bottom-up options first. I found this cardigan, as well as two others, and let her decide. She picked this one and was very excited about it the entire time I was working on it.

Since I only had one skein, I worked to the arm split and then finished the sleeves entirely before working on any more of the body. After that, I was able to work until I ran out of yarn. I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan. I thought it was a great pattern easy enough for a beginner in lace (like me!) to work.

My daughter would ask me about her shirt the entire time I was knitting, and as soon as I gave it to her, she put it on and wore it to sleep that night. I think that this design suits her really well, and I will make at least one more of them.

Sun Spots by Elena Nodel knit in pink merino cashmere nylon.

However, I am making the other one much longer and moving up a size. I used smaller needles than recommended, my needle size was 2.75, and the pattern calls for 3.5 (at the smallest and sizes up from there). I am generally a tighter knitter, but I didn’t like how my stitches looked sloppy while using a 3.5. The size I chose made the fabric that I thought looked best.

This pattern gives you different options to adjust the cables down the front and adjust the fit. I really appreciated this, and I think for my next one, I will look for a cabled heart and see if I can make it work. My daughter will probably live in the cardigan if I can manage that until she can’t fit it anymore. She’s a big heart fan who loves pink (and cats!)

There’s an adult version of this pattern called Poetry in Motion that’s found here: I think it looks lovely, but I don’t think it would be very feasible for me. While using a walker, I really need pockets in the designs I need myself. It’s not entirely out of the picture though, I think I could make it work. I am not hurting for items to cast on, though, so maybe sometimes in 2025 😊.

P.S. My daughter has a mind of her own while modelling knits.. She is six after all.

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